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    Infinispan Replication vs Distribution

    k.faseela Newbie



         I am having an infinispan( version 5.3.0) cluster of 4 nodes, and my application does READS more than WRITES.

          I use a synchronous transactional configuration, and TCP is used for communication between the cluster nodes.

          I want to analyse whether distribution or replication mode will be better for my application.

          I tried a sample performance test, where replication is performing better(even for WRITES) than distribution(numOwners=2).

          Is this the expected behaviour?

          Why is distribution mode taking more time than replication for writes, though it has to write only to 2 nodes?

          Also, can distribution perform better with any configuration tuning?




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          remo408 Newbie

          Hi Faseela,


          Lets see if i can answer your question :

          distribution or replication mode : I think based on your scenario since you have 4 nodes in the cluster to get better performance while reading its better to use replication where data is available on local node.

          where replication is performing better(even for WRITES) : I am guessing that this is because in distribution infinispan uses some Hash Algorithm on keys to identify the node it wants to save the entries where in replication it just saves entries to all nodes, so no further processing is required when writing the data.

          Hope this helps