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    [ERROR]Jboss 7 JNDI declaratition using jee:local-slsb

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      Hello everyone,


      I'm trying to migrate an ear from jboss 5 to jboss 7 and I'm facing an issue concerning the new way of JNDI declaration. The EJB interface is in admin-shared.jar but the implementation is in admin.jar. I tried to declare the JNDI as below but it doesn't work:

             <jee:local-slsb id="myServiceEJB"

                    jndi-name="java:app/admin/MyService!com.mycompany.IService" resource-ref="false"

                    business-interface=" com.mycompany.IService" />

      I’ve a doubt on the module name in the declaration because the interface and implementation are in 2 different modules. Should I put “admin” or “admin-share” or something else? As I tried, neither “admin” nor “admin-share” works.

      I've a timing constraint which doesn't allow me to put them in the same module. Could someone give me some help please? Tks a lot.

      Structure of my ear:


           |- fmk.jar

           |- admin.jar

                |- com.mycompany.MyService implements IService

           |- amin.war



                          |- com.mycompany.IService