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    wildfly standalone-ha cluster with mod_cluster port-offset not working

    Thomas Frühbeck Newbie


      we are using Wildfly Alpha3 and mod_cluster. We are trying to integrate 2 cluster nodes on a server using port-offset.

      In the mod_cluster-manager both node show up with the same ajp: port:


      Node NodeB (ajp://localhost:8009):


      Balancer: mycluster,LBGroup: ,Flushpackets: Off,Flushwait: 10000,Ping: 10000000,Smax: 1,Ttl: 60000000,Status: OK,Elected: 0,Read: 0,Transferred: 0,Connected: 0,Load: 100

      Virtual Host 1:


      Node NodeA (ajp://localhost:8009):


      I assume, that NodeA (no port-offset) works correctly, but NodeB (port-offset=100) should present port 8109.


      Can you help us configuring the correct port?