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    multiple httpd segment faults in mod_proxy_cluster.c


      Hi Jean,

      I have been running into httpd crashes (segment fault in children). Using gdb I always trace their origin into several places inside mod_proxy_cluster.c.

      The cause is always some attempt to use some structure fields (pointers) that happen to be NULL. There are no safety checks before accessing the data, hence the crash.

      I am not sure if it is normal for them to be NULL; I just patched my sources with a few checks right before the critical points to be able to keep testing.

      I noticed the crashes in practically all versions of mod_cluster from 1.2.0 on, and they occur with both httpd-2.2.24 and httpd-2.4.6.


      Attached are just a couple of examples where you can see where I patched the code (look for PATCH); maybe some of them could be a bit too drastic, but they just worked for me.

      Could you please have a look at the attached files and see if it all makes sense to you too?