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    how to provide custom transaction service for weld se embedded container

    Mathieu Lachance Novice



      I currently have a custom BlockJUnit4ClassRunner that bootstrap Weld SE and provide a custom transaction services for my integration test:



              weld = new Weld(){
                  protected Deployment createDeployment(ResourceLoader resourceLoader, Bootstrap bootstrap)
                      Deployment deployment = super.createDeployment(resourceLoader, bootstrap);
                      deployment.getServices().add(TransactionServices.class, new InMemoryTransactionServices());
                      return deployment;


      This solution is working fine but I would like to migrate to Arquillian to run my integration test in separate jar archives.


      The only thing is that I do not know where to hook into "Arquillian Weld SE embedded container" to provide my custom transaction services.


      Anyone would know how to do this ?


      Many thanks,