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    Jboss(5.1) + Seam(2.2.0) Login Values *Newbee HELP*

    Cristian Bogdan Newbie

      Hy guy's a i new to the jboss + seam i will try to explain what i want to do maby someone can help me.


      So i have a Project with a Authenticator method everithing work's just fine the user's can login, logout etc, but now i am trying to integrate a forum(Vanilla) in the project with the SSO(Single-Sign-On) solutin, i have done some research and done most of the work but i just need to pass the values(userid, username, useremail) from the Authenticator Bean to my JsConnect bean (for the login in vanilla) and i dont know how. Please tell me what code do you need for me to post here to help m.


      So for now if i inser manualy the values of a user it works but i want to take the values of the user that is login in my project and log him in also in the vanilla project:


      Example: Part of code in the JsConnect bean

      if (signedIn) {

      String uniqueid = "7";

              user.put("uniqueid", uniqueid);


      String name = "test2";

               user.put("name", name);

      String email ="test2@myemail.com";

        user.put("email", email);


      Like this it work's and it's possible the login in the forum... but i need insted of "7","test2" and "test2@myemail.com", to get the values from my Authenticator bean were i have "String username = credentials.getUsername();", "long userID = simUser.getSimUser().getId();" etc.


      Please Help Thank you very much.