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    duplicate RPC calls

    Michael Jank Newbie



      when setting an RPC call to the server, it is executed twice for me. This is regardless of using proxy injection or not, using websockets or long polling.

      I also tried to use the batch caller, but same effect here.

      auto-discover-services in set to true in web.xml, using DefaultBlockingServlet.


      My code is:



      public interface RemoteChatService {

          public String getValue(String value);




      public class RemoteChatServiceImpl implements RemoteChatService {


          public String getValue(String value) {

              return value;




      // client code:


      private Caller<RemoteChatService> remoteService;




      I saw an issue in the forum (https://community.jboss.org/thread/172644), which was fixed in 1.3.0, maybe its similar to this?


      What further could be interesting: the callstack for the first call is

      SimpleDispatcher -> ServerMessageBusImpl -> DeliveryPlan -> RemoteServiceCallback

      and in the second call

      SimpleDispatcher -> ServerMessageBusImpl -> DeliveryPlan -> CDIExtensionPoints -> RemoteServiceCallback