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    Does anyone know "what happened" to this forum over the last week?




      Since I'm posting here the forum is obviously back up and running, but it was gone for about a week.  I'm glad it's back but does anyone have any idea why attempts to visit https://community.jboss.org/en/jbpm?view=discussions just brought up a "jive SBS   oops, the page can't be found" page?


      Also, in the v6beta5 Full Installer there is the file install.html that points the reader to jbpm<DASH>dev<AT>jboss<DOT>org as a support resource, but emails to that address bounce back.  Any ideas about what's going wrong there?


      jBPM is looking like it is a great resource but it seemed that all available community support resources "went away" for a while with no explanation.


      Thanks for the info.



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          Hey Al,


          yeah don't know what happened either, I guess some internal errors or whatnot. I agree that the lack of visible reaction or attention of the matter might not be the best way to handle this, but you have to keep in mind that redhat is first and foremost a company that sells services and products. The community part of it all is as far as I can tell, pretty much done in spare time... and at the moment the devs are pretty busy trying to finish the 6.0 release, which as far as I can tell is a very important and promising step for the droolsjbpm project. I really think that Version 6 is lightyears beyond the old 5.X stuff... However, I certainly share your sentiment that the community could be handled better. I guess we are all human after all.


          About the mail. Maybe it refers to the dev mailing list? That would be: jbpm-dev@lists.jboss.org .


          If you are looking for some more information about 6.0. I can recommend you some resources to get started:


          A presentation by mark proctor (drools founder) about it: http://blog.athico.com/2013/08/whats-new-in-drools-60-london-jbug-2013.html

          I would watch the video on yt and look at the slides in parallel... really a good starting point! (I wish I had it seen sooner...)


          The drools wiki documents: https://community.jboss.org/en/drools and especially https://community.jboss.org/wiki/SonOfKie to understand the kie structure and how stuff is related.


          And of course the droolsjbpm github repo. Look at the tests and examples there.

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            Hi Alexander,


            Thanks for the reply.  It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that "noticed".  I do realize that this is a "user supported" Community but I thought it was weird that I couldn't detect any apparent "reaction" by anyone to tell the Community what was going on with the forum - and afer a few days I really started to worry that something catestrophic might had happned with jBMP!  (A scary start for someone who had just "committed" to using jBMP!)  In any case, glad it's back and I appreciate your response.


            Also, thanks for your references on jBPM 6 - once I get jBPM 5.4 "under control" (see my next post) - I'll take a look a it.