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    Constant replication without any updates?

    Lukasz Szelag Newbie



      I configured a clustered cache using an asynchronous replication on 2 nodes. When looking at JMX cache statistics, it shows that replication counts on both nodes are increasing, although there are no updates to the cache (no cache puts). Why is that? I was under the impression a replication is triggered only when a cache entry is updated (a new entry is added or existing entry is updated/removed).


      I came across this unexpected behavior when trying to clear the cache (using both JConsole and ispn-cli utility). When I attempted to clear the cache on one node, the number of elements shortly dropped to 0 (on that node), but then immediately increased back to its original value, to match the number of elements on the second node. This could only happen if both nodes would constantly replicate cache entries between each other. So for example the clear operation on one node would be immediately "invalidated" by bringing missing entries back from the second node. I don't think this an expected behavior and looks more like a bug to me. I'm using the latest stable (5.3.0) version of Infinispan.