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    Rich:Calender go to dateselected event

    Asim Shaikh Novice

      Hi Everyone I have some problem in fetching Data through calender  My Question is How I can go to records of selected date using rich calender what I want my code to do is after selecting any date from the calender It will search the Date in Table and showing me the related records. present in the table



      <rich:calendar value="#{eventMaster.eventDate}"
                                               popup="#{eventMaster.popup}" datePattern="#{eventMaster.pattern}"
                                               showApplyButton="#{eventMaster.showApply}" cellWidth="24px" cellHeight="22px" style="width:200px"
                                               disabled="#{eventMaster.disabled or eventMaster.viewMode}"



      public Date getEventDate() {

          return eventDate;



        public void setEventDate(Date eventDate) {

          this.eventDate = eventDate;


      <-----action ----->

      public String searchOutputScreenRecords() {


          try {


            this.searchVariableAvailable = true;

            EventMasterOps opsObj = new EventMasterOps();

            if (this.outputSearch != null) {

              this.outputList = opsObj.searchRecordsInDatabase(this.outputSearch, ConstantsUtility.searchOutputForm);


              if (this.outputList == null) {

                this.massage = "No Search Record is found.";





          } catch (Exception e) {

            log.info("exception in EventMaster:searchOutputScreenRecords()::" + e.getMessage());



          return "outputClient";



      <-----Operation file from where I am calling query---------------->

      public List<EventMasterBean> searchRecordsInDatabase(String searchValue, String formType) {


          FindDescriptionHelper fdHelp = new FindDescriptionHelper();


          PreparedStatement pstmt = null;

          ResultSet rs = null;


          try {



            this.eventmaster = new ArrayList<EventMasterBean>();


            SqlSearchQuriesUtil searchqueryUtil = new SqlSearchQuriesUtil();


            String query = "";

      if (formType.equals(ConstantsUtility.searchInputForm)) {

              query = searchqueryUtil.getEventSearchInputQuery(searchValue);