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    Adding a module by default expects files to be somewhere in C:\ folder

    Dhananjaya Madiraju Newbie



      I'm trying to add a module into JBoss 6.1.0 EAP.

      Here is the command -

      [standalone@localhost:9999 /]  module add --name=com.ibm --resources="C:\jb6\db2jcc4.jar"

      Failed to locate C:\"C:\jb6\db2jcc4.jar"


      As shown in above error, the command looks for files under C:\


      Changing command to -> [standalone@localhost:9999 /]  module add --name=com.ibm --resources=jb6\db2jcc4.jar

      gets it working. But this is not the behavior that I would need, because I'm automating the configuration of my product, and the jar files could be in any drive in Windows (for Eg: E:/ , X:/)


      Any help would be of great use.