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    Smooks result from transformation disappears

    Stanislav Ivanov Newbie

      We are getting a very strange situation :


      String msgBody = (String) message.getBody().get();

            System.out.println("Request in: " + msgBody);

        String result;


            // add paramaters to the web service request map

            Smooks smooks = new Smooks();

        try {

        smooks = new Smooks("smooks-getProfileRequestConfig.xml");

        StringReader reader = new StringReader(msgBody);


           StreamResult writer = new StreamResult( new StringWriter() );

         smooks.filterSource(    new javax.xml.transform.stream.StreamSource(reader), writer);

        result= writer.getWriter().toString();

        System.out.println("we are there: "+ result);


      When we run this one locally, it works perfectly. However, on the server it seems like the result disappears!

      This is what we are getting:

      17:21:13,400 INFO  [STDOUT] we are there:

      17:21:13,401 INFO  [STDOUT] ...


      Is there anything that we are doing wrong and should we configure something more?

      We are getting no errors and no exceptions which we would have if there was some problem in the things we specified.

      We followed the smooks guide completely and the same code works fine locally as said.


      Regards, Stanislav