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    config cassandra loader

    Guillermo Romero Newbie

      hi, I'm using infinispan version 6. I started it using the the clustered.sh service and I've configured different replicated/distributed caches. Is' NO a problem.


      My Doubt is how to configure a Cassandra Loader, I can't meet the way to configure it. I did it with older versions but the new version is Jboss AS based, the configuration way has changed.


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          Guillermo Romero Newbie

          someone may response something?.

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            Tristan Tarrant Master

            You either need to revert to Infinispan Server 5.3 and use the property-based <store> element or wait for Infinispan 6's cachestore SPI refactoring before the cassandra store will work again.

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              Guillermo Romero Newbie

              Thanks!!!!! I'll become to the 5.3GA version.


              Which is the better way for using the hotrod client with more than 2 servers?.

              Is that way the correct to have a Singleton client?. Because it is so expensive if I execute the remoteCacheManager(b.build) in each time I need to access the cache.


              if(cacheContainer == null){


                              //the configuration builder for running the hot rod client manager.

                              ConfigurationBuilder b = new ConfigurationBuilder();







                                  cacheContainer = new RemoteCacheManager(b.build());