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    How to include the system classes in Jboss module?

    Billy Yuen Newbie

      Some of the resources requires classes from the Java runtime (like org.w3c.dom.Element).  The default filter does not allow the delegation to go to the system class loader.


      I noticed that I can do the following to add the system class loader as a dependency and export the path.  But is this the correct way to do it?  How will I export all the JDK paths?  If I have to do one at a time, that's impossible. 


      In addition, instead of the going to the system class loader first, this will always go thru the dependency class loaders look-up to find the system class loader.  Is that correct?



                      <module name="service-layer-interface"/>

                      <system export="true">


                                 <path name="org/w3c/dom"/>