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    Unable to update forge 1.3.3.Final from Eclipse

    Chris Cooper Newbie

      Running Eclipse Kepler on Windows 8. Have JBoss Tools installed. Running "forge update" from Forge console downloads an update but doesn't install - the Forge console says it's going to restart to install but it just exits. Running the console again shows it's still on 1.3.3, attempting to run "forge update" again gives:


      ***WARNING*** There is an update pending. Restart Forge for the update to take effect. To abort this update, type 'forge update-abort'


      Restarting has no effect.


      Any ideas?

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          George Gastaldi Master

          Hi Chris!


          The embedded Forge versions are automatically updated when there is a new version of the Jboss Tools Forge Plugin.

          If you want to use the latest version without waiting for a new plugin release, do the following:


          1. Download Forge 1.4.0.Final from http://forge.jboss.org and unzip in any place you may find convenient
          2. In Window->Preferences, look for Forge->Forge Runtimes and add the path to your installation and make it the default runtime choice
          3. Start the forge console. You should see it is running the latest version.


          The "forge update" feature works only in the native command shell for awhile, so if you run $FORGE_HOME/bin/forge and run the update command from there it will work.


          Hope this helps, let me know if you have additional questions.

          Best Regards,

          George Gastaldi