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    @BypassInterceptors & @Out Relationship

    Alfred Wong Newbie

      Hi, I'm not sure whether my understanding is correct to to those annotations:



      To perform outjection, will invoke everytime after any of the class methods invocation completed.



      Will ensure other interceptors in the same class stop processing, e.g. @Out


      I'm had upgraded my system using seam v2.3.0.Final now, every time i call the method annotated with @BypassInterceptors, i found that those methods annotated with @Out will also get called, is this correct? As compare to previous seam version v2.2.0.Final, i don't have such problem.


      I had tried to used the latest seam v2.3.2.Final, and the problem gone, so is that a bug in seam v2.3.0.Final?