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    Can't login GateIn when oracle service restart


      Hi all


      I configured my GateIn 3.2 portal application with oracle 10g.  After that  i restarted my oracle  service without restarting my GateIn portal. Then after when i am going to login into gatein it shows a message like "username or password does not exist". It is only possible to login into GateIn after I restart my GateIn Portal.

      Is there is any configurations for that?



      Anish Antony

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          Do you have GateIn 3.2 on JBoss 5? If yes, it may help to configure something at datasource level, which will actually refresh DB connections. Maybe it will help to configure valid-connection-checker-class-name and/or other similar parameters. See documentation how to configure it for Oracle 10g. You can also try to enable jmx-console and then restart datasource through jmx-console (after DB restart) and verify if it helps.