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    Need advice on jboss esb cdr implementation

    jaigates vg Newbie



      I am strucked up in implementing CBR for a message received via JMS as gateway and need advice on jboss esb cdr implementation.


      I have configurd a jms message as gateway for a esb service. This JMSMessage has my java serialised data pojo in body and jms message property with key 'DataType' and values like '1 or 2 or 3 ...etc'.

      I want to identyfy the message property and invoke service accordindly with below mappaing



      DataType Value Category Service

      1   Cat1 serv1

      2   Cat1 serv2

      3   Cat2 serv1

      4   Cat1 serv2

      5   Cat2 serv2

      6   Cat2 serv2



      Pls provide me some samples or suggesions.