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    Redis as session store in jboss7

    tarun verma Newbie



      I want to use Redis as a session store in jboss 7.


      Tomcat provides the following facility for doing this, we have tp paste the following lines in context.xml of tomcat and my session is stored in redis DB


      <Valve className="com.radiadesign.catalina.session.RedisSessionHandlerValve" />
      <Manager className="com.radiadesign.catalina.session.RedisSessionManager"
        host="localhost" <!-- optional: defaults to "localhost" -->
        port="6379" <!-- optional: defaults to "6379" -->
        database="0" <!-- optional: defaults to "0" -->
        maxInactiveInterval="60" <!-- optional: defaults to "60" (in seconds) --> />


      Jars for the same are - JEDIS (A Redis Java Client), Tomcat Redis Session Manager (Redis-backed non-sticky session store for Apache Tomcat) and Apache Commons Pool .



      How can i do the same thing in jboss 7?????

      Help will be appreciated !!!!