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    JBPM DataBase MySql

    Elver Emilio Cano Cardona Newbie

      Hi everyone


      I am working on an application that is using JBPM and the problem is the size of the MySQL Database is very big for some JBPM Tables, specifically jbmp_byte_block, the size of the DataBase is 200GB  and this table has 190GB.


      The jbpm_byte_block table is for context variables which are not stored directly to jbpm_variableinstance (any object that is not a wrapper of a primitive).


      Another approach to deal with this is to use a stored procedure (mysql) for cleaning the jbpm storage for old workflow instances (e.g. 30 days old).  But the existing stored procedure does not work as needed, a few tests have been performed and it seems to be extremely slow when they have lots of data in jbpm database.


      Maybe have you even beend this problem before?



      Thanks for your help.

      Elver Cano.