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    Unable to monitor BRMS using jon-plugin-pack-brms-3.1.2.GA

    Nandhakumar G Newbie



      I am using JON 3.1.2( RHQ 4.4) on PostgreSQL 9.1. + JBoss-eap-6.0.1+Agent plugins (jon-plugin-pack-brms-3.1.2.GA)


      and executing BRMS Rules from inside Spring batch.


      Deployment structure:


      The BRMS-Rules.jar is packaged inside the custom-spring-batch.war . This war file is deployed in Jboss EAP6.0.


      I tried to monitor this using the steps mentioned in the Redhat site



      But can’t find the Rules sessions for monitoring.


      I have imported the JBoss AS7 server as follows, highlighted is the spring-batch application, which contains BRMS- rules.jar.

      BRMS question.png

      Could you please suggest how can I monitor BRMS Rule sessions, in such a deployment structure.