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    CLI scripts: blank lines and comments?

    Brian Wallis Master

      I have a number of scripts for configuring various server things for my application (adding infinispan caches, configuring modeshape repositories, adding JMS topics, etc). These are intended to be run using jboss-cli.sh like so:


      bin/jboss-cli.sh --connect --file=modeshape.cli


      Some of these scripts are getting somewhat complex (50+ lines) and really require some comments in them to aid maintenance and understanding. But as far as I can workout, there is no supported comment syntax for these style of scripts and even blank lines break the script execution.


      So the question is, is there a supported comment syntax? If not, can this be added?


      I do have a simple groovy script that I can use to support my own comment syntax that strips out the comments and blank lines and then runs the script but this makes my scripts non-portable to others and one of the scripts is intended to be generally useful for the modeshape community.