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    Redirect changed from Seam 2.2 to Seam 2.3

    Immo Benjes Newbie

      I am currently migrating a project from Seam 2.2 to Seam 2.3 and I've noticed a change in behaviour when it comes to redirects.


      I've got a page with a save button. This save button calls an action on the backing bean which either returns 'ok' or 'error'. The page.xml file only has a rule for the 'ok' outcome, not for the 'error' outcome. The idea is that the user fixes problems on the page and then clicks save again.


      This worked fine in Seam 2.2 but now the page is 'redirected' to the error page (but the URL in the browser does not change!) when the String 'error' is returned from an action method (and no rule exists for 'error'). If I return anything else like 'foobar' it stays on the previous page as previous. I haven't found anything in the documentation about this changed behaviour. How can I disable it or do I have to replace all 'error' strings with something else?