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    Eclipse, Jboss 5 development and debugging

    Ahmet Emre Newbie

      We are using IBM all the way, and I took the holy job to move away from IBM and switch to Eclipse and perhaps JBoss. We finally convinced management. I started with JBoss and if it does turn out a painful experience, then will try other app servers.

      I installed Eclipse Europa and JBoss 5.0.1.

      Even though I spent fair amount of time, I haven't figured out a way to develop and debug java applications within Eclipse.

      I can start and stop JBoss AS from Eclipse and that's it.

      I cannot:
      make a change to my application and republish to JBoss
      restart JBoss from Eclipse
      debug Java code within Eclipse environment

      if I try to restart or republish to JBoss, I get all kinds of errors which one of them is here, and generated 'zarro' response!!!

      I searched internet, browsed the JBoss in Action book, but I could not find any information about how to develop and debug applications in Eclipse for JBoss deployment.

      I believe you all have working development environments, I cannot imagine a development environment where you cannot start/deploy(publish)/stop/test application server from your IDE.

      Please tell me about your environment, if you are using Eclipse. If so, how are you able to test and debug your applications within Eclipse.

      I don't really want to give up on JBoss as I believe without being able to test and debug an application, it won't be where it is today.

      Thanks to you all
      - Ketpah