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    Deploy portlets for Liferay 6.1.2 running on JBoss 7.2.0

    Sebastian Sommerfeld Newbie

      Hi Guys


      I was wondering if anyone could help me out. I recently installed Liferay 6.1.2 on our JBoss 7.2.0. No problems with setting up the environment. Documentation was really helpful. But now I'm not making any progress with deploying themes and portlets.


      Control Panel > Server > Plugin Installations is not providing any upload functions. Only lists of portlets, themes ans templates respectivly and a hint that Liferay marketplace will take over some day.


      Letting the JBoss take care of the deployments doesn't work either. This would be my favored solution, but portlet deployments failed because some liferay classes are missing. Tried to deploy a theme afterwards, which didn't result in errors, but this theme was not available for pages in Liferay. Is letting the JBoss take care of the deployments an option anyway? After all portlets cannot run outside of a portal-environment.


      My last try so far was using an auto deploy directory. But since our JBoss is running in domain mode instead of standalone, it seems this is not an option. JBoss log states that the deployment-scanner subsystem can only be installed in standalone mode, not in domain mode. I also tried do build the war-file on a local server and then deploy it to our JBoss. Packaging worked but deployment crashed with error "Failed to process phase POST_MODULE of deployment PrivatePluginInstaller-hook.war".


      Has anyone extirienced similar problems and can provide a solution or some helpful tips? Or maybe there is an other solution that I haven't tought of so far. Anyway, I looking forward to hearing from you ;-) Thanks in advance.


      Regards Sebastian

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          Paulo Rodrigues Newbie



          I've just given up domain with liferay 6. Liferay recommends using standalone configuration with jboss 7 and EAP 6.


          The problem is the portlet deploy. I wasn’t able to find a solution without de deployment scanner – and domain mode does not have one. On the other side, liferay 6 no longer have portlet deployment inside de application.

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            Sebastian Sommerfeld Newbie

            Hi Paulo


            Tanks for your help. I've not given up using domain mode ;-) I changed liferays autodeploy-behavior. Problem with domain mode and deployment is rooted in jboss, not in liferay. So I used liferays deployment scanner and changed the output folder (defaults to jbosses standalone deployment dir). So I can use the files liferay prepares for deployment, package them to war and deploy them to jboss using the normal jboss browser console. Since liferay added all necessary information, it is able to use those deloyed portlets and themes.


            Change settings in portal-ext.properties

            # Set this to true to enable auto deploy of layout templates, portlets, and
            # themes.

            # Set the directory to scan for layout templates, portlets, and themes to
            # auto deploy.

            # Set the directory where auto deployed WARs are copied to. The application
            # server or servlet container must know to listen on that directory.
            # Different containers have different hot deploy paths. For example, Tomcat
            # listens on "${catalina.base}/webapps" whereas JBoss listens on
            # "${jboss.home.dir}/deploy". Set a blank directory to automatically use the
            # application server specific directory.