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    Problems with encoding

    Nordine B Newbie



      I come here because i have a problem with encoding while using JBOSS SOAP server.


      When i have accents logged into the server.log the special characters like "é, à, è, ..."  are converted to à or other strange characters


      I checked several things such as:


      Eclipse File encoding  => UTF-8

      Workspace file encoding => UTF-8

      Maven source enconding => UTF-8



      I use SOAP UI to send the SOAP MEssage and the message contains also special characters.


      When received by JBoss, i log the message and the special characters disappeared, and i have réponse instead of réponse.


      I checked the file.encoding option into run.conf and it has the good value (UTF-8).


      I tried some options like change the /etc/sysconfig/i18n and it changed nothing.


      By the way, this encoding problem occurs only when i test on Linux, i do not have the problem when i deploy my ESB on Windows.


      Do someone can help me resolve this problem, because i'm really blocked.


      Thank you.