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    Need Help with SwimLane Scenario

    Zahid Ahmed Prs Newbie



      I am testing swim lanes for a scenario in my requirements. But, I am unable to get my desired results.


      Scenario: The scenario is that when a subordinate task completes and assigns back to ManagerTask. The manager who assigned the task should be getting the task again now without having to claim it. For this I have tried to use swim lanes but its not working. PFA BPMN2 and process image.

      I have assigned only groups in BPMN2. But when I test this flow I assume that the first user claiming among the manager group will be getting the manager task again when the subordinate returns to the ManagerGroup.



      When subOrdinate returns the task to managerUser, the task is assigned to the group again.


      Expected :

      Task (for that process instance ) should be assigned to the same manager who forwarded it to the subordinate.