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    Strange behaviour with rich:popupPanel

    Immo Benjes Newbie



      I am having strange behaviour with rich:popupPanels since migrating to RichFaces 4 from RF 3.3.


      The content of the modal is something like:


      {code}<h:form id="myForm">

      <s:div id="myDiv">

         <s:div rendered="#{backingBean.modalEnabled}>

      ..form content






      I've got an a:commandButton which first calls an action method which initializes the backing bean of the modal, I render the main div in the modal (myDiv) and then in  oncomplete I show the modal.


      However when I click on an a:commandButton inside the modal the form isn't being submitted and the I go from Phase 1 directly to Phase 6.

      If I click the button again the form is being submitted and all the phases are executed.


      If I change the initial render to update the form (myForm) instead of the div (myDiv) the a:commandButton inside the modal works.


      Looks like a bug to me.