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    JBoss 6.1 wrong database schema/user

    Yves T Newbie



      Iam using Jboss 6.1 with Hibernate as JPA Provider. We were using some

      old Database schema and switched to a new one by just swapping the

      datasource of JBoss to the new Schema.


      Now, when starting Jboss it still prefixes every table with the old schema-name, like



      14:44:38,421 INFO  [TableMetadata] table found:  OLD_SCHEMA.Address



      What I have done so far is:


      - I already searched every File of the App for the String "OLD_SCHEMA".

      - I checked if there is a mapping-file with a default schema.

      - I checked the entities if they specify the schema-attribute in the @table annotation

      - I searched the JBoss configuration with the text search, if it specifies OLD_SCHEMA somewhere

      - I checked the oracle database if the "CURRENT_SCHEMA" is not set correctly.


      All negative. So is there any caching mechanism of the old schema name in JBoss?

      It seems to be impossible to get rid of the old schema name even though it is not specified

      anywhere anymore.


      Does anybody know where else to check or if it is stored in an encrypted format?


      Thanks in advance