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    Initial planning meeting for 4.0

    Randall Hauch Master

      We're starting to set the stage for our work on ModeShape 4.0. Last week I put together a draft plan that also includes a little background for why we're talking about 4.0 instead of just continuing the 3.x release. We're looking for feedback, concerns, suggestions, requests, etc. If you have any, please add a comment or edit the page directly to add your content.


      A wiki page is definitely useful, but it's also useful to also have a live meeting where we can more interactively discuss things. Although a telecon might be the most efficient, it is more difficult to share with and document the discussion for those not able to attend. So we'll try good ol' IRC, and I'll propose this day & time:


           Where: on IRC (#modeshape on irc.freenode.net)

           When: Friday, September 6 at 13:00 UTC (see other time zones)

           What: Review the draft plan, talk about major goals of release, and discuss next steps (including subsequent IRC meetings).


      and this alternate day:


           When: Monday, September 9 at 13:00 UTC (see other time zones)


      If you are interested in attending, please respond in this thread and let us know which of these times work for you and if you prefer one over the other. We'll try to pick the one that works for most people, or schedule a different time if we need to.