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    picklist and orderchanged

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      we are busy migrating to RF4.3.3 final. we have a picklist and a ui:repeat for the target items that displays more info on each item in the target list. after a user adds/removes an item the ui:repeat is rendered (using a4j:ajax), we had the same functionality for when a user changed the order in the target list (a4j:ajax event="onorderchanged") which would change the order in the ui:repeat.


      it would seem that "orderchanged" is no longer available in RF4.3.3?


      I have tried:

      1. a4j:ajax event="change" - this does not get fired when the target list order is changed.

      2. a4j:ajax event="targetblur" - this is not fired when the first item is added to the list (and therefore the ui:repeat cant be rendered if the user only selects 1 item).

      3. tried both 1 & 2 together but then the method on the backing bean is hit twice and the ui:repeat is rendered twice.


      Is this a bug or am I missing something somewhere? Does anyone have a solution?