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    Processes disappear in console after jboss restart

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      in our application (currently under JBPM 5.4) we have need to restart the jboss server several times during testing, for example because we added/edited some custom workitem, or because we edited the console. We normally do this by using the ant stop.jboss and ant start.jboss commands, included in the build.xml file provided with the installer.


      However, most of the times this procedure causes the disappearing of previously defined process definitions from the "Processes Overview" tab in the console. The processes are still present in Guvnor, but they are not seen from the console. Restarting once again jboss seems to work, but not always; the processes seems to be loaded at random. Rebuilding and redeploying the package in Guvnor seems to work, but once again only at random times. The server.log file does not seem to contain any warning or error that could be related to problems in this restarting iter, so I really do not know where to look for clues.


      Thanks in advance.