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    RF 4.3.x - Load Tab content dynamically?

    Luis Garcia Newbie

      I have a set of Tabs that are created dynamically based on a Query (the area codes for the telephones in our phonebook).

      The result is that there is one tab for each area code, within each tab there is a datatable that holds the list of phones and contacts for each area code.


      The problem is that when rendering the page for the phonebook - all the datatables are rendered.

      This makes loading the page a test of patience, since it takes a long time (more than 3 minutes).

      I've already added the necessary indexes to the Database.


      Is it possible to create the tabs dynamically but only render the datatable on the active tab??

      I've tried the switchType="ajax" parameter but this doesn't affect rendering.

      PrimeFaces has a dynamic parameter that let the content within a tabpanel be loaded with AJAX

      Is there a similar parameter in RichFaces?



      Peter Falken