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    Domain Mode Startup Order

    welsh Newbie



      Is it possible with JBoss 7.1.1 Final to define a startup order of your servers while running in domain mode?


      I know currently you are able to go:



              <server name="server-one" group="main-server-group" auto-start="true"> 

                  <jvm name="default" />  


              <server name="server-two" group="main-server-group" auto-start="true"> 

                  <socket-binding-group ref="standard-sockets" port-offset="150"/> 

                  <jvm name="default"> 

                      <heap size="64m" max-size="256m"/> 



              <server name="server-three" group="other-server-group" auto-start="true">    

                  <socket-binding-group ref="standard-sockets" port-offset="250"/> 




      Which would auto-start server-one, server-two and server-three.


      From experimenting with the order, it seems JBoss will honor the order of how they are listed. If I were to arrange them server-one, server-three and server-two they would be started in that order which is good. This answers the base question of "yes you can do a start-up order just how I said" but in my case I require that server-one starts up fully before server-two and server-three starts up since those two depend on a REST Service being available in server-one.


      Is there anyway to to accomplish this or would I be better to have server-one start-up then create a start-up script that runs after that checks if one is up, if it is then it will start two and three up. However, with that would it be better to split server-two and server-three into its own host-slave that are auto-start=true then once host-slave with server-one starts, just start-up host-slave with server-two and server-three?