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    How to deploy .bpmn model from Eclipse to jbpm6.0 repository

    James Jones Newbie

      What is the URL to use when adding new jBPM6.0 repository to Eclipse plugin?

      More background.

      My team is building our first jbpm application.

      We did initial prototyping on jbpm5.4 and are now porting our prototype to jbpm 6.0

      We are unclear how to deploy our bpmn model from Eclipse to jbpm6 repository.

      To deploy our model, we don't know the URL to enter in Eclipse when adding new Guvnor repository to connect to jbpm6 repository.

      Or should we be using the Git Repository browser?

      We are unclear about the relationships between the maven-based and Git-based repositories, and how artifacts are moved between them.

      Also, we are unclear as to the differences between .bpmn and .bpmn2 model files.

      We have seen multiple methods to create BPMN2 model diagrams in Eclipse, but haven't been successful using any of them yet with jbpm6.0.

      Note: Our .bpmn model diagrams worked fine against jbpm5.4

      Any suggestions would be welcome.

      Perhaps my questions can help influence the order that jBPM6.0 documentation is updated.



      Jamie Jones