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    JBoss EAR filenames and version information

    Roberto Cortez Newbie



      I'm in the process of migrating several applications from JBoss 4 to JBoss 7. One big change, is the way the classloading differs from 4 to 7.


      So, on Jboss 4 I have a couple of ear files that share services between each others. No special configuration was required, only drop them on deploy folder and everything worked.


      On Jboss 7, i had to set them as Dependencies on Manifest. The thing is, I deploy my application using maven filenames, like application-version.ear, which means that I need to put that name on the Dependencies. If I later update one of the ear's I have to update all the manifests, because of the version.


      I know I can change the name, and I have done that to fix the problem, but then i loose the ability to identify which version I have deployed.


      Does anyone know a way to have the version information somewhere visible in JBoss? I did try several tag's on application.xml, like display-name, description, but those don't seem to be used in JBoss webconsole to display the information.


      Thank you,

      Roberto Cortez