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    Enabling SSL with intermediate certificates and native connectors

    André Prata Newbie



      I have tried every combination I could think of, but could not come to a working solution.

      Assume I possess the following resources:

      - A root.cer public key file, which signs

      - A domain.cer public key file, which signs

      - A services.cer public keyfile, which signs

      - An app.cer public keyfile,

      - With a corresponding app.key private key file.


      How do I make it so that JBoss:

      - Serves my app via SSL, using the app key pair,

      - While providing the intermediate public keys for the browser, so that firefox does not complain that "The certificate is not trusted because no issuer chain was provided.",

      - Using the native HTTP connectors.


      A bit of quick troubleshooting:

      - Concatenating the intermediate certificates results in the same client error,

      - Adding chain to a PKCS12 appears to cause errors reading either the key or certificate file.


      Do I have to resort to the default connectors?


      Thanks in advance,