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    RHQ not discovering JBoss AS - what is missing?

    Henrik Størner Newbie



      I guess this should be obvious, but I haven't been able to figure it out by reading the docs.


      I have a fresh installation of RHQ and two JBoss AS servers. (Actually, it is  JBoss ON and JBos EAP 6, but they should work the same - at least that is how I understand). Each of these are on their own (virtual) server.


      After setting it up and starting the rhq-agent on the two AS servers, I can do an import and on the "Inventory"->"Servers" page I can see 1) the RHQ agent, 2) the Apache webserver on the AS server, and 3) the JVM of the RHQ plugin container.


      But I cannot see the application server JVM's, which is of course what I would really like to monitor.


      The docs I have found hint at setting a command-line option when starting the application server: Either "-Dcom.sun.management.jmxremote.port=12345 com.xyz.MyAppMain" or "-Dorg.rhq.resourceKey=KEY com.xyz.MyAppMain" (this is in Red Hat's "How to manage JBoss servers", chapter 2). But what should I use for the "com.xyz.MyAppMain" ? I tried "org.jboss.as" but this just bombs out with a "could not find or load main class org.jboss.as".


      So I am kind of lost. Any help would be appreciated.




      Henrik Størner