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    customized project

    Johannes Schmidt Newbie

      Hello all,

      recently I discovered Forge and I am pretty impressed. Thanks for this tool!


      Creating a project normally works like this

      $ new-project --named {name} --topLevelPackage {com.example.project} --projectFolder {/directory/path}


      My question is if there is a possibility to define a home-made project which comes with my own structure (main-module, different submodules for BO/DAO/WS)

      For example

      $ new-project --named {name} --topLevelPackage {com.example.project} --projectFolder {/directory/path} --template (company template)


      And I guess before I should define a company template and upload it to a repository (maybe I am guessing too much already )


      Is there a chance to do this?


      Any help is appreciated!


      Thanks in advance