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    New to CMR - convert 1:N table relation?

    darren hartford Expert

      Hey all!
      I'm finally breaking down and starting to convert to utilize CMR. My past projects have followed 1:N table relations, with the same pk/fk between the two tables.

      I tried to setup a CMR using xdoclet. I tried with:
      * @jboss.relation
      * related-pk-field="mypk"
      * fk-column="mypk_fk"
      (and also pk-column="mypk_fk")

      This did not work at all, got the "Both roles....must have key fields". So, tried the @jboss:auto-key-fields tag, and that worked, but created a third table with the mapping between the two.

      Is there a way to use only the two related tables with the specific key fields without creating a third table? I would like to use my existing tables without having to re-create the 'relationship' between the two tables.