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    problem with database persistent timers

    Frank Langelage Master

      I tried to use persisted timers with database as store.

      On startup WildFly tries to create the table JBOSS_EJB_TIMER and fails, because some datatypes are not known on my IBM Informix Database.

      I found the definition of the statements used in file modules/system/layers/base/org/jboss/as/ejb3/main/timers/timer-sql.properties.

      Problem datatypes are namely TIMESTAMP that has to be DATETIME YEAR TO FRACTION and LONG has to be INT8 for this system.


      I see that there is a create-table.hsql. Is this really used for hsql databases instead of create-table ?

      If yes, how to name the statements for IBM Informix database then?


      I created the table manually to continue.


      But then I get a problem from the "load-timer" SQL.

      The statements are defined like shown in this fraction: WHERE TIMED_OBJECT_ID=$1 AND PARTITION=$2.

      But parameters have to be simply ? instead of $[1-9]*: WHERE TIMED_OBJECT_ID=? AND PARTITION=?.

      That should be compatible for all databases or not?