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    jBOSS Fuse with jbi ,servicemix-camel features pre installed.

    Kishor Pawar Newbie

      I am trying to create a new container (RedHat JBoss Fuse 6.0) which should have bulit-in "jbi" and "servicemix-camel"  features.So,when i start the container i should see the features mentioned as alredy installed. For this, i included  jbi,servicemix-camel in  properties file :org.apache.karaf.features.cfg  lying in etc folder.





      I started the container with the above things, but the features were not installed.


      Need help on this.



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          Freeman(Yue) Fang Master



          I do exactly what you do here, and I can see both jbi and servicemix-camel features get installed sucessfully


          JBossFuse:karaf@root> features:list|grep jbi

          [installed  ] [1.6.0.redhat-60024    ] jbi                                     repo-0                             

          [uninstalled] [1.6.0.redhat-60024    ] jbi-cluster                             repo-0                             

          JBossFuse:karaf@root> features:list|grep servicemix-camel

          [installed  ] [2012.01.0.redhat-60024] servicemix-camel                        servicemix-4.5.0.redhat-60024


          A quick question, did you use the full kit? the full kit should have all jbi related stuff by default, so that when you install jbi features, it won't need go to internet to download it(which generally means need take more time and need a internet connection)



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            Kishor Pawar Newbie



            Thanks for your reply. Now i am able to install the features at boot time. The issue was due to the internet proxy which was disallowing to download the required jars.