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    Measurement collection failed due to collection interval in calltime data ?


      Hi Developers,


          I have got the following warning in my custom agent plugin.


      2013-09-16 19:13:30,974 WARN  [MeasurementManager.collector-1] (rhq.core.pc.measurement.MeasurementCollectorRunner)- Failure to collect measurement data for Resource[id=10781, uuid=6306ec2d-7635-4fd8-9cd7-fffeca327004, type={ResponseTime Monitoring System-RHQ Plugin-CALLTIME}ResponseTime Monitoring System, key=MonitoringSystem, name=ResponseTime Monitoring System, parent=RHQ_Plugins] - cause: org.rhq.core.pc.inventory.TimeoutException:Call to [com.rhqcustom.plugins.calltime.CallTimeComponent.getValues()] with args [[org.rhq.core.domain.measurement.MeasurementReport@4a9fd994, [ScheduledMeasurementInfo[res=10781, name=PageSummary, sched=17744], ScheduledMeasurementInfo[res=10781, name=FindQueue, sched=17742], ScheduledMeasurementInfo[res=10781, name=QueueSummary, sched=17745], ScheduledMeasurementInfo[res=10781, name=Pages, sched=17743]]]] timed out after 30000 milliseconds - invocation thread will be interrupted.


          I have been getting the warning message whenever the agent is restarting or plugin container restarted. This one time warning is not affecting my agent plugin. But having no idea whether it is harmful for RHQ ? Please help me to clarify this issue.