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    "XAConnectionFactory not bound" on startup

    naveen123 Newbie

      Need help understanding and resloving this error
      XAConnectionFactory not bound

      Occasionally on startup of JBoss I keep getting this error. The way to resolve it is to stop JBoss, delete
      the "data" directory and start JBoss and everything works fine.

      Tried tinkering with the hsqldb-ds.xml by uncommenting in-memory db and this prevents
      creation of the "data" directory, but after JBoss is running for a while an attempt is made to write to this directory and errors out something like table is missing.

      Should I be disabling something else as well?

      any pointers or direct me to some documention which will help me reslove this issue. If this is a configuration issue not related to this forum let me know which forum to post my query.