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    Need help on Re-loading remote drools guvnor resource


      HI ,

      I am using Guvnor 5.5 as drools repository running in tomcat6. I have configured using spring in my application and when I use "resource-change-scanner" the action value I am getting as null from the session.

      If I comment the "resource-change-scanner" in my drools configuration then I am getting the value after firing the rule, can anyone please provide the expertise help here.


      Spring config :

      <drools:resource-change-scanner id="s1" interval="60" enabled="true" />


              <drools:resource id="cs" type="CHANGE_SET" source="http://localhost:8080/guvnor-5.5/rest/packages/AltAcess/assets/AlternateTest/source" basic-authentication="enabled" username="admin" password="admin" />


              <drools:kagent kbase="alternateAccessKb" id="kagent" new-instance="false">


                      <drools:resource ref="cs" />




      Client code :


      StatelessKnowledgeSession session = getAltStlessSessionIns();  // Injected from spring


                   AlternateAccessCode guvnorBean = new AlternateAccessCode();










                   String surchargeCodecarrierCodeEmpty = guvnorBean.getSurchargeCode();  


                   System.out.println("Value of the Surchargecode From processalternateAccessKbSurchargeCode  :-  "+surchargeCodecarrierCodeEmpty);  ------>>>>>>>  This I am getting as null if use resource scanner


      My requirement is , when I update the rule in guvnor it should reflect the new value at client side.


      Thanks and Regards,