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    Errai Bus In Android App

    Charles Odili Apprentice

      Hi friends, am testing out my app which has a part that is packaged with PhoneGap for android. This "mobile app" part also gets deployed with the main webapp such that going to mydomain.com/mobile is the exact equivalent of the app because this is actually what is packaged for mobile devices. Now, the issue is that CDI messages broadcast from the sever do not seem to get to the android app, but they reach the "mobile web app" in mydomain.com/mobile.


      If we launch mydomain.com/mobile in two browsers (say chrome and firefox) then also launch the android app (testing with android 2.x), CDI messages from the server are gets to the mydomain.com/mobile apps in the two browsers but nothing is received in the android app.


      Although the android app loads all its resources (css, js images) locally (since they are packaged with it), I tried using the remote xxxx.nocache.js from within mydomain.com/mobile instead of the one local to the android app, hoping that this will make it participate with other clients the Errai Bus, but this did not resolve it.


      Am still trying to debug anyway, this issue may have risen from my code but I just wanted some comments on it. Thanks.