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    Finding out process instance details in jbpm 5.4

    Ayusman Dikshit Newbie


      given a process instance id; is it possible to find the history details of the process instance?


      Say my process instance has 3 activities, A, B, and C. And say A and B has been completed and C is waiting for action.


      I know in jbpm 4.4 there were history service that could help me find more details. Is there anything equivalent in JBPM 5.4?


      I read in one of the JBPM documentation (section 5.1.2 Session)


      It is recommended not to use this

           * method to collect information about the state of your process instances but to use

           * a history log for that purpose.


      Is there an example somewhere? Or a set of instructions/tutorials?


      It would help a lot of readers to have an article from experts in this forum.