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    Migrating from 4.2.3.Final to 4.3.3.Final - pom.xml changes needed


      When I saw the recent announcement of the new Richfaces version 4.3.3.Final, I attempted to change my eclipse project pom.xml by simply modifying the <org.richfaces.bom.version>4.2.3.Final</org.richfaces.bom.version> to now be <org.richfaces.bom.version>4.3.3.Final</org.richfaces.bom.version>


      My application seemed to work fine when testing within the latest Jboss Developer Studio and using Jboss Tools to start/stop jboss 7.1.1.Final.


      Today I attempted to install my war file on a different machine and I encountered an error No Function Found on type: org.richfaces.function.RichFunction ......


      A google search revealed that this error is commonly found when upgrading RichFaces ..... it seems to be caused when multiple richfaces versions are both present in the WEB-INF/lib folder.  This is indeed the case for my war file.  Renaming the war as a zip and inspecting the contents of the WEB-INF/lib folder I see that the richfaces jar files are included for both 4,2,3.Final and for 4.3.3.Final.


      While inspecting the war, I also noticed that multiple versions of my own utilities.jar has also been included in the war.....


      Pardon my lack of experience with maven - I would appreciate help in two areas:

      1. Are there specific additional steps I need to perform when I wish to upgrade my RichFaces version (clearly changing the org.richfaces.bom.version was not by itself sufficient) ?

      2. How do I clean my war file back to only those jar versions that I want ?