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    Jboss 7 Maintaining configurable files in classpath

    Lakshmi Sainath Newbie



      We are migrating our applications from Jboss 5 to Jboss 7. We have deployed our applications in Jboss 7.1.1 Final. In our applications, we have some files which are configurable and is specific to each server. In Jboss 5, we had separate folder for configurable files and added that folder to classpath during server start up. But, in Jboss 7, we could not achieve that.


      We have following work around,

      1. Keeping all configurable files in WEB-INF\classes

      2. Creating separate module for configurable files and add it as dependency

      But both of above solutions will not be suitable.

      Solution #1, will not provide flexibility in editing files and solution # 2 will be common for all servers. We will maintain multiple standalone servers within Jboss and each server will be having its own configuration.

      Is there any way to keep additional classpath entries for each standalone server within Jboss 7.1.1.

      Please help me out. It is very critical.