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    Worried about Jboss Subscription fees

    Abubakkar Rangara Newbie

      Hi fellas,


      I am a newbie here and newbie to JBoss.


      I just downloaded JBoss AS 7 from JBoss Application Server Downloads - JBoss Community, there first one listed there (as shown below)


      6.1.0 FinalEAP built from AS 7.22013-05-20LGPLDeveloper discussion boards watched by Red HatZIP (110MB)  SHA | MD5
      Release Notes  |  Source (27MB)






      Then I read few articles related to EAP Final Redhat subscription. I was not able to get anything from that, it was a too high level for me.


      I downloaded JBoss to learn it as currently I don't know working on JBoss. So as a developer, I thought of downloading JBoss and learn and practice on my local machine.


      So just worried if I have to pay anything for that subscription.


      Or should I download if from WildFly (came to know about the community edition after I downloaded from above mentioned links).


      Please help me, I don't have enough finances to buy myself any subscription or licenses.

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          Wolf-Dieter Fink Master

          Hello Abubakkar,


          welcome to the forum.


          You might use WildFly community if you start with JBoss and you are interested in the newest features (i.e. EE7).

          The community edition is free to use.


          If you use the EAP6.1* downloads it will be a bit different. You might have a look to this page.

          The EAP6.1.1.Alpha bits are free to use for devel and production.

          The other versions of EAP are not allowed to use in production without a subscription, but you can use it for your development environment for free. This is called a "0$ subscription"


          I hope that explanations helps.